The Real Power of Open Innovation

The Museum of Modern Art launched its first app in 2010 and soon after that we noticed significant behavioral shifts in the museum audience. The public had ceded its leisure time to the production of photographs and networking options linked to their handheld devices. They were like artists-in-residence working through the possibilities of the museum selfie.

João Enxuto and Erica Love weave a provocative conversation with Sarah Hromack on the current and future roles of technology in institutional spaces. Discussed here, their work, Art Project 2023, embodies the social anxieties prompted by technology in its narration of a speculative digital future for the Whitney Museum of American Art. Did you know that the Google Art Project is building a vast and sophisticated private digital archive of art works owned by an international cohort of museums? Might we consider heralding the “collective” intelligence of social media as a new form of folk art? These are just two of the many questions raised within this dialogue.

“The Real Power of Open Innovation” interview with Sarah Hromack, Mousse Contemporary Art Magazine, No. 43 (April 2014)