See Some Art While You Can—Google Will Eventually Replace Museums

As screen interfaces become a primary means for the disembodied spectator to access artworks and as museums give up the responsibility of digitization (of the commons) to a centralized database, Google Art Project will in turn dominate the search for art in the way that it dominates internet search. Artworks, like any other type of data, will be optimized algorithmically.

"The blurred Anonymous Paintings were created by João Enxuto and Erica Love. Due to copyright issues, artworks that are on loan at a given institution — and therefore not under its direct ownership — may not be imaged or distributed as part of Google Art Project. Therefore, loaned artworks are blurred. Enxuto and Love took screenshots of these blurred images, printed them out and exhibit them in actual gallery space."

Featured in Wired, 09.27.13

“See Some Art While You Can” Interview with Pete Brook, Wired (September 2013)